Slaves – Live Review

No one else wanted to join Issac and Laurie’s band when they formed Slaves. Those who declined their offer are probably dumbfounded by how this band has become one of the biggest bands in modern punk.

It comes as no surprise that Slaves have gone from pub favourites  to their own headline performance at London’s Alexandra Palace.  Laurie’s distorted guitar snarls at you like a angry dog while Issac pummels his drum kit.

Their set opened with noughties pop-dance hits before slamming into a cover of Skepta’s shutdown during which the crowd roars the line ‘prime time television’ in a blood curdling scream. An unusual but fitting way to start their set.

Slaves have a knack for weaving dark humour into their otherwise sinister performance. The track cut and run has it’s own dance routine. Everywhere in the crowd you could spot people wearing the sweatbands featured in the music video for this track. Likewise for the song feed the manta ray  a few ‘manta-rays’ were pulled out of the crowd and floated around the stage for a while. The humour was mixed in with other tracks like the relativity relaxed ‘photo opportunity’, a lighters in the air sing-a-long.

But for the most part the performance was a full-throttle punk mosh pit. tracks like bugs and fuck the hi-hat were made for live performance. When Issac was screaming screaming ‘bugs’ into his microphone you couldn’t help but jump around like crazy.

Slaves at Alexandra Palace was an unrelenting rage against modern life from a band who are more than comfortable playing to large crowds. Slaves now with four albums have a back-catalogue of punchy punk suitable for the bigger stadiums. They’ll be back to Alexandra Palace soon (not to mention other stadiums) with vengeance!



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