A Festival Each Weekend 2019

I’m currently planning for the 2019 festival season and intend to go to a festival each weekend during the summer. By working or as a journalist this is easily achievable. Following two previous summers attempting to squeeze in as many festival I can manage, this year I’ve decided to go all in.

If you’re a student like me and have long summers then you’re probably swamped with free time. Festivals are a great way to spend some of this time. You’ll get to meet new people and experience the best of British performing arts culture. So whether you’re a seasoned festival freak and are looking for sonic rapture. Or new to festivals and looking to broaden your festival horizons then why not try something a bit leftfield such as a festival from the list below. Some of the best festival moments I’ve had were in places which I’d never heard of, with people I’d only just met.

Below is the shortlist. I hope to see you in one of these fields very soon.

Bearded Theory, 22nd to 26th July.

I first heard about Bearded theory in 2017. Each year Bearded Theory manages to secure some phenomenal acts including Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin this year.

Camden Rocks, 29th May to 2nd June

Gottwood, 5th June to 9th June

Download, 12th June to 16th June

This will be my 3rd Download. I can’t say I’m a hardcore rock fan however the huge line-up and iconic location draws me in each year. I’m hoping the line up continues to be as good as it has been in the previous years. This year it does clash with Isle of Wight so perhaps I’ll be elsewhere this year.

Black Deer, 19th June to 23rd June

Glastonbury, 26th June to 30th June

Clearly a must. Glastonbury is one of the best U.K. festivals. The rumours are suggesting acts such as The Cure and Paul McCartney for 2019. I was unable to get tickets this year, so I’ll most likely be working at Worthy Farm this year.

Beat Herder, 10th to 14th July

Latitude, 17th to 21st July

Despite the derogatory nick names (Lattetiude, Middleclasstonbury etc.). Latitude is a great festival with a lot to offer. Including pink sheep! Music goes on until the early hours, excellent cabaret shows. A feast for the eyes and ears.

Y Not, 24th to 28th July

Wilderness, 31st July to 4th August

Boomtown, 7th to 11th August

Bonkers set design, crazy actors and the biggest names in dance music. This festival has drawn me in the past two years. I can’t wait to be back again. Make sure to check out my review for 2018.

Green Man, 14th to 18th August 

Reading Festival, 21st to 25th August

The biggest rock festival in the U.K. Though Reading seems to be going in new directions it maintains its iconic status and draws in some of the biggest names in rock music.

End of the Road, 28th August to 1st September



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