Paradise belongs to us!

A wise hippie once said to me “paradise belongs to us”. Not really, I’m just making that up because it sounds kind of cool and free spirited and all that. In fact I recall reading these words on the front of what appeared to be a power station at Boomtown festival in August 2017. For some reason the words resonated within me. I looked around me, paradise certainly did belong to those people, in that field, at that moment.

But why? What made us so lucky to be the owners of paradise? Music was the thing that connected us, music had brought us together, music had given us paradise.  For me this was a revelation. I now endeavour to experience as many of these powerful shared moments as I can. However this isn’t simply a hedonistic pleasure seeking pursuit! I intend to share these experiences through the forum of words.

For the most part this website endeavours to be a music journalism website with a particular focus on British music festivals. From Glastonbury to Cream fields; Film festivals to drama festival. If it’s music or festival related we love it!

“Reach for the lasers, safe as fuck.” — Jeremy Factsman


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